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promote your videos on your other social channels and your blog too if you have one the more people who know about your content the more will watch and like it the more you promote your content the more additional followers you are likely to gain and the closer you will be to being considered an influencer


as soon as you make a purchase with your tiktok coins they are saved in your wallet and can only be used within the app itself they are non refundable and they are subject to the same restrictions that apply to the majority of virtual things if you see something on live ly or tiktok that you like you may tilt the person an emoji or a diamond another virtual currency on live ly from within the app to show your appreciation you have the option to keep track of the amount of the tip and it will be deducted from your wallet in the manner in which you want it to be the technology operates in a manner that is very similar to twitch emoji can be purchased in a variety of shapes and sizes each with a different value you can now tilt the streamer in the direction that you choose based on how well it performed with each tip your name will become more memorable increasing your chances of receiving a shout out from the media team it is a positive feedback loop that pushes the streamer to perform well while also encouraging the audience to spend money in order to obtain recognition and attention do you utilize a service like tiktok or live ly do you get paid for this or do you get paid in tips do you have any tiktok tips and tricks you d like to share with the world

don t forget to interact with your viewers make sure that you reply to comments that people leave on your videos it may seem like hard work to you but it makes your followers believe you care and take notice of them

tiktok picked up where music ly left off and then rearranged things a little to make it more interesting whereas music ly was a platform where young people and young people could publish 15 second films of themselves lip syncing to beyoncé s latest hit tiktok has widened its reach to allow users to upload 15 second videos of themselves doing anything they wanted tiktok has become significantly more relaxed than it used to be sure some of it is mind boggling and some of it is disturbing but all of it is extremely addictive even if you re a little older than a child

examples of the emoticons which can be bought by tiktok livestream viewers are the panda for 5 coins italian hand 5 love bang 25 sun cream 50 rainbow puke 100 concert 500 i m very rich 1 000 and drama queen 5 000

tiktok is the most installed app this year so far beating the social media giant facebook that s the level of this app and this trend is getting better and better everyday the latest feature that they have added on their app is the usage of coins users can purchase these coins by using real cash there is a secondary way to get these coins and i ll tell you that a bit later now let me explain you how to buy coins using your real cash

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