#free tiktok coins xu công chúa 8hjTT

examples of the emoticons which can be bought by tiktok livestream viewers are the panda for 5 coins italian hand 5 love bang 25 sun cream 50 rainbow puke 100 concert 500 i m very rich 1 000 and drama queen 5 000


ideally you want all your niche themed videos to have the same look and feel about them you want to create your own style this is true even if you are simply making lip sync videos quite a few of the top tiktokers began making lip synch videos but the types of songs they chose and the way they made the videos made them identifiably theirs

purchasing tiktok coins is a straightforward process follow this simple instruction if you want to learn how to gain tiktok coins 1 log into your tiktok account and go to your profile 2 select the settings icon in the top right corner of the screen 3 from the drop down option that opens select my portfolio 4 select an alternate quantity for the number of coins you wish to acquire 5 on the following screen enter your payment information you will be transported to the confirmation page once you have selected your quantity you verify the acquisition at this step same as you would with a card touch id samsung payment or whatever method you use once the transaction is complete the number of coins you purchased will be added to the total amount in your tiktok wallet account at this point you are free to use your coins anyway you see fit and whenever you desire the current value in us dollars is displayed together with the number of coins you have selected however despite the oscillations of the exchange classes this does not vary significantly the tiktok coin concept proved to be more difficult to explain in detail than i had anticipated when you first enter into the tiktok application everything is quite straightforward you purchase coins which you may then swap for diamonds or emojis

as i have pointed out earlier these coins are used to buy virtual items and then gift those items to your fellow users suppose you have been overwhelmed after seeing a user s performance in a video and you want to express your support to them you can simply gift that user a diamond a diamond is precious not only in the real world but also in the parallel social or virtual world the advantage of this is that the receiver may give you a shout out in return that would be beneficial for your page too because more people will come to know about your page and some of them will follow you for this to work well try to give such tips to renowned pages with thousands or millions of followers so that you ll also receive a good number of followers

in this video you can clearly see that the user has generated some coins for their tiktok using this website and they were credited immediately to his account don t expect this much speed always because this website has a higher traffic now and therefore the server is a bit slow in functioning such as assigning the coins to the users a delay of up to one hour is possible at peak hours especially usa time 6pm to 12am

each gift purchased through these tiktok coins has a different price once you buy one the amount will be deducted from your wallet each gift can also be exchanged by the recipient for cash in diamonds simple is not it remember the more tips you give the more credible you are when you get a shoutout

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